Safer Substance Use

To access StreetWorks you can stop by our office or call/text our cell phone (905) 328-6715 or to arrange a delivery. Deliveries are available throughout the Niagara Region
Monday – Friday from 6pm-10:30pm.

Safer Injection

StreetWorks needle exchange services are available to individuals who use drugs in the Niagara Region. We provide a variety of syringes, safer disposal containers as well as other injection equipment (spoons, alcohol swabs, sterile water, vitamin c and ties). People are encouraged to bring their used syringes to ensure proper disposal.

Sharing needles or other injection equipment is one way HIV, Hep C other blood-borne diseases are spread from one person to another. By practicing safer needle use, injection drug users can reduce the risk of HIV transmission along with many other infections and conditions associated with injecting drugs.


Safer Inhaltion

StreetWorks provides sterile equipment for clients who use inhaled drugs, such as crack cocaine. Our inhalation kits (stem kits) offer our clients a safer alternative to greatly reduce the risk of transmitting HIV or other blood borne infections.

When heating your pipe, the glass or metal stem gets very hot. Sores and blisters on your lips can form from this extreme heat. Sharing mouthpieces and stems while having open sores and cuts is a way that Hep C and HIV can be spread.

If you are smoking, make sure you use the mouthpieces that are provided in your kit to help avoid getting cuts or sores. Small traces of blood can contain Hep C and/or HIV.

Kits include pyrex stems, vinyl mouthpieces, screens, wooden pushsticks and alcohol swabs.