About Us

We are a community-based organization made up of dedicated, caring, committed individuals. Staff and volunteers alike provide support, education, and advocacy in a safe and confidential environment for HIV-positive individuals, their families, and their friends.

In 1987, we started the AIDS Committee of Niagara. We were an advisory committee to the Niagara Regional Public Health Service’s AIDS Program. We evolved from a committee to a not-for-profit, community-based AIDS service organization (ASO).

Positive Living Niagara is a proud Living Wage provider, https://yourtv.tv/node/309111?c=niagara



Click here if you’d like to make a donation through Canada Helps. Your donation helps with health and crisis supports that our clients need assistance with when no other alternative is available to them.  Your donation will go towards the support of clients, with a person centred approach, focusing on support and education for those at risk and affected by HIV, HCV, STBBIs and substance use.