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Support Services

HIV Support Services

Do you need an HIV Specialist? Positive Living Niagara is able to provide direct referrals to HIV clinical care in Hamilton (there is currently no HIV specialist in Niagara). We know getting to Hamilton can be a challenge, so Positive Living Niagara can provide transportation assistance to help you get there.

Positive Living Niagara’s HIV Support Program offers various services to people living with HIV. All services are free and confidential. You do not need a referral to access our services.


Case Management

Our Case managers provide confidential services in an accepting, non-judgemental environment. We know how important it is to feel comfortable and safe, so we are able to meet with you in our offices, in your home or anywhere in the community; wherever you feel comfortable. Beyond a listening ear, case managers can provide assistance with things like:


  1. Individualized support to help you navigate the health and social services system.
  2. Filling out paperwork for services such as ODSP, Niagara Regional Housing, etc.
  3. Providing a direct referral to HIV specialist care
  4. Connect you to other medical, social, legal or Immigration services.
  5. Provide transportation supports for medical appointments
  6. Connect you with other Positive Living Niagara programs such as individual/family counselling, In-Home Support or harm reduction programs/supplies

(Services available in English, Spanish (limited capacity) and French).


Counselling Services
Our HIV Counselling Support is available to individuals who are living with HIV. Our dedicated counsellor can assist you with issues related to HIV disclosure, navigating relationships, dealing with substance use issues, anxiety, gender/sexuality issues and more.


Counselling Support is also available to individuals who are supporting someone who is living with HIV or who have lost someone due to HIV related causes.


For more information, contact Crystal Goicoechea – cgoicoechea@positivelivingniagara.com at 905-984-8684 ext 144
(Services available in English and French).


Home Support Program

Positive Living Niagara’s Home Support Program is dedicated to empowering individuals living with HIV to maintain their health, independence, and quality of life. By offering tailored services and fostering a supportive community environment, the program plays a crucial role in enhancing the well-being of its participants.


The services provided by the program include:

  1. Assessment and Individualized Care Plans: The program conducts thorough assessments of individuals’ needs and collaborates with them to develop personalized care plans. These plans address various aspects of their well-being and may include specific goals and strategies.
  2. In-Home Support for Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): Assistance with ADLs is provided to help individuals maintain their independence and quality of life. This may involve support with tasks such as bathing, ambulation, grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry, and light housekeeping.
  3. Medication Management: Ensuring proper adherence to medication is crucial for managing HIV effectively. The program offers support with medication management, including reminders, education on medication regimens, and monitoring to help individuals stay on track with their treatment plans.
  4. Accompaniment and Support during Medical Appointments: To access our Home Support Program, individuals must be enrolled in the case management program.

Social Activities and Support Groups:
Combatting isolation and fostering connections within the community is vital for the well-being of individuals living with HIV. Positive Living Niagara’s Home Support Program offers social activities, support groups, and other community engagement opportunities to promote socialization, peer support, and a sense of belonging.

* To access our Home Support Program, individuals require internal referral from case manager.


Social and Educational Events
Are held regularly for clients accessing services, to provide a safe space to meet new friends, learn and just have fun!


If you would like to be connected to a case manager or would simply like more information about our services, contact Jackie jackie@positivelivingniagara.com  905-984-8684 ext. 119.


Please note: if you leave us a voicemail, please be sure to indicate if we can leave a message in return, if we call you back and there is no answer. If we do not have your consent to do so, we will never leave a message stating who is calling, in order to protect your confidentiality.