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Harm Reduction Support

Harm Reduction System Navigation

The System Navigation program is part of the StreetWorks program and adds additional support to individuals using substances in the Niagara Region. The program aims to provide client services, system navigation and referrals to community organizations all while maintaining a harm reduction approach to services.


Some examples of services provided through this program are:

  • assisting clients in accessing basic documentation;
  • responding to client needs by providing supportive, emotional and health counselling;
  • negotiate appropriate referrals

For more information, please contact:

Ashley Verwey – System Navigator – averwey@positivelivingniagara.com 905-984-8684 x142

Krystal Marriott – System Navigator –  kmarriott@positivelivingniagara.com 905-984-8684 x129

Madi McNeil –  System Navigator – mmcneil@positivelivingniagara.com  905-984-8684 x118

Overdose Prevention & Response Program

StreetWorks offers FREE training on how to use naloxone – a drug used to temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Training is quick and you will receive a free kit with everything you need, including the naloxone, which is now in nasal spray format. Training can be done in the location of your choice (in your home, our office). No health card is needed.


We also offer additional trainings that can include other harm reduction information based on desired learning outcomes.


For more information, please contact:

Hannah Zettler-Graca Street – Works Outreach Worker – hzettlergraca@positivelivingniagara.com

Kaitlin Labatte – StreetWorks Outreach Worker – klabatte@positivelivingniagara.com

SHaRP Program

The SHaRP Program constitutes a dedicated team comprising individuals with firsthand experience in substance use. Our staff specializes in establishing connections and fostering relationships with communities that may pose inherent challenges to outreach efforts. Operating with a commitment to low barriers, the program actively involves individuals with lived and living experience in a structured three-phase approach. 


In Phase 1, our clean-up and kit-making groups convene twice weekly in St. Catharines, with participants receiving compensation through an honorarium system.


Phase 2 entails personalized, weekly one-on-one outreach sessions facilitated by our Program Coordinator, complemented by office responsibilities and involvement in the agency’s Needle Syringe Program, also remunerated through an honorarium.


Finally, Phase 3 encompasses an expansion of outreach activities, increased office duties, and continued engagement in the Needle Syringe Program, with staff transitioning to formal employment status.

In the latter two phases, staff members are afforded the opportunity to participate in advocacy work within the agency by becoming members of NALE (Niagara Advocates for Lived/Living Experience), contributing to broader community initiatives.


For more information, please contact:

Claire Laurie – SHaRP Program Coordinator –  claurie@positivelivingniagara.com