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SHaRP Program

The SHaRP Program constitutes a dedicated team comprising individuals with firsthand experience in substance use. Our staff specializes in establishing connections and fostering relationships with communities that may pose inherent challenges to outreach efforts. Operating with a commitment to low barriers, the program actively involves individuals with lived and living experience in a structured three-phase approach.

In Phase 1, our clean-up and kit-making groups convene twice weekly in St. Catharines, with participants receiving compensation through an honorarium system.


Phase 2 entails personalized, weekly one-on-one outreach sessions facilitated by our Program Coordinator, complemented by office responsibilities and involvement in the agency’s Needle Syringe Program, also remunerated through an honorarium.


Finally, Phase 3 encompasses an expansion of outreach activities, increased office duties, and continued engagement in the Needle Syringe Program, with staff transitioning to formal employment status.

In the latter two phases, staff members are afforded the opportunity to participate in advocacy work within the agency by becoming members of NALE (Niagara Advocates for Lived/Living Experience), contributing to broader community initiatives.


For further information about the SHaRP Program, please contact the Program Coordinator Claire