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Leave a Legacy

Legacy GiftingYour gift ensures that those impacted by HIV, HCV, STBBI’s and Substance Use will always have a space that accepts and supports them in Niagara.


Throughout your lifetime you have supported causes that are important to you – such as Positive Living Niagara. People like you have helped ensure that we have been able to continue with the very critical role we play in the lives of those impacted and affected by HIV, HCV, STBBI’s and Substance Use.


Legacy giving is a gift for the future. You can make a major planned gift during your lifetime, or you can plan to leave a bequest in your will.


Ways you can make a legacy gift.


Planning a gift for the future ensures your wishes will be followed and will help a cause that is close to your heart. It is about intention and not about the amount of your gift. Every gift is important, and many small gifts make the difference.


Your planned giving dollars can be contributed through several avenues, and our administration team is here to help you understand how your gift can sustain Positive Living Niagara’s mission and vision today and into the future. This fund helps us assist clients to receive medical care and/or treatment and in maintaining their health and personal wellness, through our support programs, agency prevention, community awareness and educational messages across the region and serve our ever-growing client base.


Charitable giving is based on individual interests and priorities. Canadian tax laws are structured to incentivize philanthropic giving, empowering donors to make a meaningful difference according to their own passions and values.


Embrace the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy that reflects your values and aspirations. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of others.




Gifts of Cash

One of the simplest ways to support Positive Living Niagara is by making a donation via cash or cheque. This option appeals to donors with readily available cash who wish to make an immediate impact. Your contribution is directed to our income-earning endowment fund, benefiting local charities. By donating in this manner, you’re not only making a difference for generations to come but also enjoying immediate tax benefits today.


Gifts of Appreciated Securities

This method stands out as one of the most economically savvy ways to contribute. By donating appreciated securities, you not only bypass capital gains tax but also receive a tax receipt reflecting the full market value of your donation. Unlike selling the stock and donating the proceeds, which incurs capital gains tax, gifting appreciated securities ensures maximum benefit at minimal cost. Thanks to the 2006 Federal Budget, the capital gains inclusion rate for such donations was reduced to zero. In essence, donors can now contribute qualifying securities with appreciated gains to Positive Living Niagara without incurring any tax on the realized capital gain.


Gift of a Life Insurance Policy

Donating a life insurance policy to Positive Living Niagara, whether by assigning ownership and beneficiary rights of an existing policy or by purchasing a new policy with annual premium payments, offers numerous advantages. This approach enables donors to make a substantial contribution while utilizing only a fraction of their disposable income. Typically, the annual payments are modest and qualify for tax credits, providing annual relief on income taxes. Upon making the donation, you’ll receive a charitable receipt reflecting the policy’s value and each subsequent premium paid, potentially allowing for a significantly larger contribution and a more substantial impact.




Charitable Bequest

You can make a gift in your will.

Contact and work with your financial advisor or lawyer who can help you plan a bequest that best fits your wishes. Whether it is a specified sum, a particular asset, or a portion of your estate. You have the option to designate this bequest to establish a new fund in your name, contribute to an existing fund, or add to a fund created by your family during your lifetime. Inform us of your decision, and we will gratefully acknowledge your generosity in our publications, or you may opt for anonymity if preferred. Upon receipt, a donation receipt reflecting the cash amount or fair market value of the property will be issued, potentially entitling you to a charitable tax credit on your final income tax return.


Gift of RRSP Funds

Maximize the impact of your retirement assets by considering tax-deferred options such as RRSPs and RIFs as a meaningful gift to Positive Living Niagara, when they are no longer needed for your retirement. By converting potential end-of-life tax liabilities into a charitable contribution, you can leave a lasting legacy while retaining flexibility to adjust your plans as circumstances change. Contributions made in the year of passing can be credited up to 100 percent of net income on the final tax return as well as the preceding year. You maintain full control and access to your retirement funds throughout your lifetime. With the donation tax credit, you can offset the tax on the distribution, ensuring that the entire amount passes to Positive Living Niagara tax-free. This contrasts with leaving the assets to your heirs, who may receive significantly less after taxes, potentially as little as 51% of the remaining balance.